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Link to the Nordics


NordPart assists foreign companies to enter and develop the Nordic market; i.e Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Business connections are created in a structured way in consecutive phases, each with a defined output. The normal process is:


A. Identification of Business Opportunities


1. Analysis of our client’s value proposition, requirements and objectives


2. Market analysis, identification of strategy and potential partners


B. Contacting Potential Partners/customers


1. Contacts with decision makers at these companies


2. Recommendation on which companies to meet and preparation of a short profile of each recommended company



C. Arranging face-to-face Meetings


1. Scheduling of meetings with the recommended companies


2. Compilation of a visit program with travel recommendations


3. Assistance in the preparation of the meetings


D. Follow up and Development


1. Participation in the meetings as facilitator


2. Follow up of the meetings and developing the relationships between the client and the potential partners



Each phase can be decided upon separately




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