Staffan Braugenhardt

NordPart was founded in 2002 by Dr. Staffan Braugenhardt, currently General Manager.

He has had leading positions in product management, marketing and business development in Sweden and internationally incl. in Ericsson and Telia Sonera.

His international carrear includes CTO at Ericsson Mexico, Project Leader in ETSI France, UN expert missions in Brasil, South Korea and China and project evaluations for the EU-commission in Brussels.

He is currently also a member of the Saltsjöbaden Church Council and Saltsjöbaden Diakonia

Åsa Paulsson

Åsa Paulsson

B.Sc in Business Administration from Gothenbourg University, is associated partner to Nordpart since 2002.


With a wide and long experience as key account manager, sales manager

and market research in the Nordics (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) Åsa supports our clients in all phases. Åsas experience covers both B2B and B2C, private and public organisations

Claes Paulsson

Claes Paulsson

M. Sc. in Business and Public Law from Gothenbourg University, is associated Partner to Nordpart since 2016.

Claes Paulsson has experience from the Nordic market (Finland, Denmark and Norway) both as country manager and as board member. He has a solid background in the Nordic industry and was a member of the senior management team at Collector.

Claes is a member of the board at the Finnish company 3 Step IT Group since 2004.


Since the start of the company in 2002 we have been working with companies  from different countries including Finland, France, Ireland, Isreal, Italy, Switzerland and UK in different lines of business; including

- IT

- telecom

- video conferencing system

- wood and furniture

- doors and windows

- fastening equipment

- expansion joints

- computer controlled mashinery

- remote control of energy systems

- web portals

- mashine components

- trailer add-ons and components

- plastic components

- washing machines

- secure electronic transactions

- pulp and paper

- heat recycling

- heat isolation

- kitchen appliances

- paint

- water supply and storing

- veterinary surgery equipment

- video- and TV - on-demand

- high power rotating electrical machine

- high quality brooms & brushes

- scenic control systems

- bridge bearings and road joints

- pharmacies

- elements in brass, bronze, aluminum 

- PCR tests for Covid 19

- cleaning robots for solar panels

- cleaning systems for truck wheels

About Sweden and the Nordics

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