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Opportunity - The building boom in Sweden

The Swedish housing market

Swedish Economy: Sweden is performing well with a projected growth of GNP 2016 of +3,5% and has the 5:th highest GDP per capita in Europe.

Demand of new residences:  There is a large shortage of residences in the middle and south of Sweden due to move to larger cities and a growing population. There is a need of 700 000 new residences until 2025.

The size of the market: The total turnover in the building construction market is aprox. 420 billion sek (45 billion euro) with over 300 000 employees. The growth in 2015 was 9%.

Operators on the Swedish housing market

Building Contractors: There is some 10 larger Building Contractors and a lot of medium and small builders. Most of the builders are today profitable as the market is booming however there is lack of qualified people to meet the demand. Most of the builders are Nordic companies but some of the larger builders from Germany and France are established in Sweden mainly in the market for larger infrastructure projects.

Product and services for the building industry: Most of the products and services are sold and manufactured by Nordic companies.

Why enter the the Swedish housing market

The Swedish market is interested for foreign actors due to:

  • There is a strong demand of building new residences
  • There is a need of building cheaper and smarter with new technic and products
  • The Nordic builders have problems to supply the fast growing market
  • Sweden has a strong economy

What type of foreign companies could be interested for the Swedish market:

  • Company manufacturing products to the building industry
  • Services companies within engineering and construction
  • Large and medium sized builders with a smart building technic.

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